Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The process is very simple and quick. We just need you to submit details of the house that you are looking to sell and let us do the work. Once we get the details of the house, we give you a call within 1-2 hours if we need to get some other pertinent information and discuss your current situation. We then analyze the situation, and create a win-win solution for both of us, and make an offer on your home. You can then, being under no obligation to accept of course, either accept or reject the offer.

There is absolutely no charge of any kind to the sellers. Our service is absolutely free to you, the homeowner.

If you already have a Realtor, we can work with the Realtor in some cases as well. You can still choose to fill out the information on our site. After that, you may wish to contact your realtor to see what happens if you find your own buyer. Sometimes their commissions can be waived or fees can be significantly lowered.

We do not concentrate solely on houses. We can help you sell townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, beach property, office buildings, farms, land, or any structure that has land deeded to it such as a manufactured home or a mobile home.

Don’t worry if your home is rented. We can buy your house and take care of the renters later. If you have family living there we can always make special arrangements for them.

If you are behind on payments, we can work out a Short Sale with your lender to get you out from under the property. We have a team of expert negotiators to deal with the bank on your behalf.

No, we will purchase the home in its as/is condition. You do not have to do anything.

Just complete the simple form on this page!